Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Heavy Weaponry for Syrian Rebels?

President Obama is considering ramping up military support to the Syrian rebels, who are increasingly dominated by jihadists. American anti-tank missiles have already appeared in videos in the hands of rebel forces. According to an April 21st report in Time Magazine, the White House is now considering sending the rebels shoulder-fired surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles known as manpads. In the wrong hands, such missiles could be used to take out commercial aircraft. [more...]

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Afghan Troops Push Back Taliban for Successful Election

As unpopular as the war in Afghanistan is, the April 5 presidential election is a moment the West and Afghans can be proud of. The Afghan security forces prevented chaos and turnout was about 60% with one-third of voters being women. The frontrunner, Abdullah Abdullah, wants to immediately sign an agreement to keep U.S. troops around. The incredibleness of what's been achieved can only be appreciated if you think about the obstacles Afghanistan faced. [more...] Watch 'Mosque with extremist ties conducting prison outreach.'