Friday, January 30, 2009

9/11 Commission Warns Obama on Nuclear Weapons on Iran: He's Not Listening

By Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins

Dr. Collins, author of Operation Sucker Punch: Blood for Our Future tells us that the most important recommendation from a recent 9/11 Commission report was for the Obama administration to put a halt to the nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea. "Obama doesn't seem to be listening," says Collins. "He's politicizing this situation and worrying about 'looking good' - not doing good."

Last week the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism (CPWMDPT) discussed its latest report and predictions for the continued safety of our country. This commission, established by the 9/11 Commission, was given the specific narrow mandate to monitor, examine and assess our national efforts toward preventing future WMD terrorist attacks on American soil, something not seen since 9/11. Issued in December, the Commission's report isn't a very optimistic document. Focusing on the challenges of WMD such as chemical, biological, radiological as well as nuclear, the report made serious statements beyond its strong recommendation that America halt Iran and North Korea's nuclear weapons programs.

It predicted America would suffer "at least one nuclear weapon detonation in the next five years" and the threat of a nuclear and/or biological attack in our country is now on the rise rather than the decline. Commissioner Robin Cleveland said laxity in America's everyday security has presented a dangerously low threshold for terrorists to penetrate. Cleveland pointed to the ease with which terrorists can now obtain biological weapons by invading lightly protected scientific laboratories. [more...]

KT McFarland - Here, There & Everywhere!

KT McFarland on Fox News talking about Iran's nuclear program. View it here.

On a completely different subject, KT had an op/ed in the Albany Times-Union calling for a complete reformation of the NYGOP.

KT was in the UK last week where she debated at the Oxford Union. She made a case that Bush has made the world safer, perhaps not in the Middle East or Europe, but definitely for the nations of Asia and Africa, and for the U.S. It was a very anti-Bush crowd, but KT managed to swing one-third of the vote to her side. Many of the arguments she made are in her DEFCON-3 by KT video blog, which you can view here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's Words on Arabic Network Gave the Wrong Message to our Enemies!

...says Brigitte Gabriel of Obama's first interview on Arabic Network: "His move would have been great if we are dealing with people who share our values and our outlook on life." While it is noble to talk about listening to others address their concerns and willing to hear what they are saying, when it comes to the Middle East he just enforced with his rhetoric "all too often the United States starts by dictating" the attitude of the Muslim Street against America.

President Obama discounted the fact that the United States has been listening to leaders in the Middle East for three decades and brokered a peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel in 2003. While he wants to send a message of a change of policies in America under his administration to the Muslim Street, he is sending the wrong message with his words to our enemies.

The message was: "We are begging for you to have mercy on us because we are so weak and we do not want to fight you." The radicals are delighted with his action because now they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that America is going to be a pushover for the next four years trying to beg forgiveness and appease.

We have to think like our enemies and not like what we would do if this was us. America is the enemy of the radical Islamists in the Middle East from Iran to Syria to Hizbollah to Hamas to the Muslims Brotherhood. America is not the enemy of the moderates in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and the moderate regimes. These radicals are blinded by religious radicalism and believe they are on a mission to fight "the infidels" headed by the United States. That is not going to change unless you change the words of the Koran written by the Prophet Mohammed.

Obama's reference about Israel having to make tough choices and about the Israelis willing to give up territories for peace emboldens Hamas as well as Syria who wants to get back the Golan Heights - a very strategic point in northern Israel. What is his saying that Israel needs to withdraw from the West Bank like they did from Gaza in 2005 because that will give them peace? We saw what this type of appeasement earned Israel from Hamas.

This is DEFCON-3

By KT McFarland

What do to about Guantanamo Prison is President Obama's first big national security test and it looks like he's failed it - or has he?
He's halted the military tribunals the Bush administration set up to deal with terrorists. He's decided to close Guantanamo within a year. But he's not said what he's going to do about the hundred or so prisoners still there.
What are his options? He can't just release them - they would rejoin Al Qaeda the moment they were free - which is exactly what three Guantanamo alums recently.
He can't transfer them to other countries - no one wants them, and the countries that do will torture them or, like Yemen, look the other way while they escape.
It would be difficult to try them in American courts, with the full rights of American citizens. Most were captured on the battlefront by military personnel who didn't read them Miranda rights while bullets were flying overhead. The US military are not CSI Miami. In all likelihood the terrorists would get off on technicalities, even if we knew they were guilty.
But Guantanamo, and the excesses of Abu Ghraib weigh heavily in the court of public opinion. They've been great recruitment tools for Al Qaeda. So closing them makes sense, too.
Maybe Obama is crazy like a fox. He's kept a campaign promise, made a clear break with Bush's policies, and thrown a bone to his left wing base. He's earned PR points abroad, especially in Europe and the Muslim world. But he's still got a year to figure out what to do - and there's nothing to prevent him from pouring old wine into new bottles by creating new national security courts to try them and a new prison to hold them.
One this is for sure - Obama had better figure out what to do soon because the hundred or so prisoners left in Guantanamo will soon be joined by hundreds if not thousands of prisoners once the Afghanistan war heats up. [more on KT...]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Useful Idiot Professors: Campus Cheerleaders for America's Enemies

By Kevin "Coach" Collins

The western media wants to portray the Islamist terrorists as legitimate victims who need only a voice, the media's voice, to explain away their crimes and win widespread western support. Nevertheless, the terrorists who want to kill or enslave us already have a legion of useful idiots - professors on our college campuses. Go Here to read about some of these contemptible beings speaking about their terrorist heroes.

EU Delists Main Iranian Opposition that Bush Administration Listed as Terrorist

By Paul Vallely, MG

On Monday, 26 January 2009, the European Union (EU) Council of Ministers decided not to renew the terrorist listing of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, the main Iranian opposition group. The decision came on the heels of the delisting of the group in the U.K. and several European Court of Justice decisions that found insufficient evidence for the EU designation. According to MG Paul Vallely (U.S. Army Ret., IPC Advisory Council), "Now that Iraqi Security Forces have responsibility for Camp Ashraf and some 3,000 plus Iranian residents, the Iranian regime's modus operandi clearly suggests that there will be increased pressure from Tehran to extradite Ashraf residents in violation of their protected persons status under the Fourth Geneva Convention. Given the political climate in Baghdad, the pressure could be too great for Baghdad to resist. At the time that Tehran is promoting violence by Hamas in Gaza, it is continuing to fill a vacuum in Iraq as the United States Forces are gradually drawing down. As well, Iran is moving closer to having deployable nuclear weapons and now is not the time for the United States to make concessions to the Iranian regime by ceding responsibility for the main Iranian opposition to Baghdad." [more...]

Monday, January 26, 2009

INSIDE GITMO: The True Story Behind the Myths of Guantanamo Bay

By Col. Gordon Cucullu (ret.)

The first orders to clear President Obama's desk today were focused on Guantanamo Bay's detention facility. Ongoing military tribunals have been suspended. These tribunals currently deal with some of the worse terrorists in modern history, such as 9/11 masterminds Khalid Sheik Mohammad and Ramzi Binalsheb. Obama followed this order with another indicating his intention to close the facility within a year. Since the election, he has qualified the immediacy of his "close Gitmo" campaign promises by stating that it would be "more difficult than people understand," and that "it will take time to decide what to do with these dangerous men." Relocation onto U.S. soil or outright release are options the Obama team has floated as being under consideration. The dangers inherent in selecting these either of these options are going to weigh heavily on all Americans. These options are fully discussed and evaluated in my new book, INSIDE GITMO: The True Story Behind the Myths of Guantanamo Bay.

Closing Guantanamo is a Serious Mistake: What Obama Doesn't Know about Terror Can Kill Us

By Kevin "Coach" Collins

Dr. Kevin Collins & Paul Vallely, MG are authors of the book Operation Sucker Punch: Blood for Our Future. Collins & Vallely are politically INCORRECT and we think you and your listeners will enjoy this interview. They hold no punches and use brass knuckles when necessary -especially if the topic is our national security.

There is no such thing as an end to the War on Terror. Obama's September 10th mentality will kill us! His announcement that he is closing Guantanamo Bay proves he is dangerously naive. Our terrorist enemies will see this as a declaration that we are abandoning the field and ending our War on Terror. Clearly Obama doesn't understand the nature and sense of purpose of the terrorists whose seventh century minds will see this as a cowardly retreat. The terrorists must be praising Allah and thanking ACORN for their good fortune. [more...]

Sunday, January 25, 2009

NatSec Experts on Video

Keep up with's National Security experts by subscribing to her YouTube page and check out the playlists of some of the top experts, Brigitte Gabriel and KT McFarland.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second Holocaust: M.A.D. vs. Madness

By John LeBoutillier

Watching the Israeli-Hamas War in Gaza - which is at best 'suspended pending further hostilities,' we need to ask a basic question: can the Arab countries ever accept Israel as their neighbor? Or will they continue to work toward the day when they can "drive Israel into the sea," to use Yasser Arafat's memorable words? Pat Buchanan tells a revealing story that helps clarify where we might be headed: In the summer of 1967 just as the Six Day War - between Israel and Syria, Jordan and Egypt - had ended, former Vice President Richard Nixon and Pat Buchanan were traveling through the region and arrived at an Israeli medical tent in the Sinai desert. Israeli doctors were treating the wounded, including captured Egyptian soldiers. An Israeli doctor asked an Egyptian soldier he was patching up, "Look, we fought in 1948 and we won... then in '56 and we won... and now we have again won... why do you keep fighting us?" The wounded Egyptian fighter replied, "Because you may defeat us 12 times but we will win the 13th time we fight." And, of course, that is the point: Israel is always on the verge of defeat by their neighbors (especially Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas) - and their neighbors' sponsor (Iran). [more...]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Savage Nation Calls on National Security Experts

Michael Savage aired a report on the Gaza Strip from Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT! For Also a political analysis of the Israeli incursion of the Gaza Strip by Dr. Harvey Kushner. ... Go here now to listen.

Listen to The Savage Nation this evening for a report from KT McFarland. Listen now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brigitte Gabriel on the Israel/Hamas Conflict

As the Israeli/Hamas conflict intensifies in Gaza bringing world leaders to the UN to discuss an immediate ceasefire, political maneuvering in the Middle East is already in high gear.

Brigitte Gabriel, author of the New York Times Best-seller "They Must Be Stopped: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it," says: "The Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas is working with Israel behind the scenes and is getting his Fatah members in Gaza mobilized working with the advancing Israel Defense Forces in giving information about Hamas' capability and its leaders' locations."

Ms. Gabriel adds: "The Middle East is witnessing the division between the moderate regimes such as Egypt, Jordan, The Saudis and the Palestinian authority headed by Mahmood Abbas; and, on the other hand, the radical terrorist regimes like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran and Syria."

"Even though Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority represented by Fatah may come out condemning Israel and expressing support for the suffering Palestinian people, they are secretly hoping that Israel will be able to defeat Hamas and send a strong message to Iran who is the main supporter for the radical terrorist groups in the region. The other countries headed by the Saudis see Iran as the major threat not only to Israel but to them as well."

12/30/08 - Brigitte Gabriel: Middle East Update

Iran is the main driver behind the Hamas attacks against Israel fueling and supplying the terrorist organization with financing as well as weapons and military training. Iran is using the bad guys of the region - Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon - to do its dirty work against Israel and inflame emotions across the Muslim street worldwide in preparation of a military confrontation with Israel.

If Iran continues to drive and inflame the confrontation, it will use its proxy Hezbollah to open another front from Lebanon; this will drive the whole region into a major war, which will indirectly put pressure on our troops in the region and create a very difficult situation for the U.S. during this presidential transitional time period.

Obama could very well enter office with a Middle East war on his hands.

This vulnerable period will be Obama's test by the terrorist organizations as America will be juggling both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Israeli/Hamas conflict, Iranian nuke problem, and the radical Islamists' threat to attack America headed by Al-Qaida.

Brigitte Gabriel began her career as news anchor for "World News" an evening Arabic news broadcast for Middle East Television seen throughout the Middle East. She covered the Arab Israeli conflict, Israel's war and withdrawal out of Lebanon, and the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza.