Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ahmadinejad Inciting Genocide as U.S. Rolls Out the Red Carpet By Brigitte Gabriel

Yesterday the world watched in horror and disbelief as Ahmadinejad addressed the UN stating in no uncertain terms that America is finished. His speech, cloaked with a false sense of goodness and God, had one goal in mind: to humiliate the U.S. and rally other countries behind him with his own rhetoric of lunacy. And, worse, watching this terrorist being interviewed on television talk shows, you would have thought he was a respected and admired dignitary welcomed by America with open arms.

Brigitte Gabriel, author of The New York Times Bestseller They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, says: "The West is sending all the wrong signals to Iran, emboldening it in its pursuit to wipe Israel off the map. After five years of failed policy against Iran, a lot of wasted breath on diplomacy, and failed sanctions, the Islamic radical state is going to go nuclear."

Gabriel adds: "The U.S. is putting pressure on Israel not to act against Iran. Israel knows that it cannot do it alone without U.S. support. With the presidential election and the financial debacle on Wall Street, both countries will not take action giving Iran the time to finish a nuclear bomb. The civilized world will collectively live to regret this."

Gabriel further states that "the U.S. should work to abolish U.S. mandatory contribution to the UN. The U.S. now supplies 26% of the UN budget going to countries that hate us and that vote against us at the UN almost 90% of the time."

Family Security Matters Briefings - 9/23/08

The Crossroads of Europeanization - Questions We Must Ask Ourselves
By Nicholas Guariglia

Americans have not had a serious philosophical debate about the future of their country since the "Contract with America" in 1994. It is time to have one again. Our founders believed that federalism would answer most of our cultural and social questions. History has proven this belief correct; on issues of "tradition," like marriage, Texas and Vermont can do whatever they darn well please. The colossal decision looming, however, has far less to do with issues of localized culture and tradition, and has everything to do with the proper role of government in society. Congress ought to send out pamphlets to every person in the country, to gauge the public's knowledge and opinion about the challenges we will face within the next two decades. Every self-described patriot should be thinking freely, asking particular questions to him or herself, and coming to their own conclusions. What is our role in the world? The United States today stands as the sole and unparalleled economic and military superpower. Is this a mere byproduct of the collapse of the Soviet Union? Is this a temporary status? An accident of history? Something many states and people go through, enjoy, and then let go by passing the torch on to the next emerging power? Is this something the United States should maintain? [more...]

Lying by Media Knows No Bounds
By Cliff Kincaid

The Washington Post gives candidates a "Pinocchio" for lying in campaign ads. But the Post, known locally as the Compost, has been telling some whoppers of its own. First, the Post ombudsman, or consumer advocate, has admitted that someone (unidentified) on the national desk of the paper misrepresented GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's remarks about terrorism and Iraq to make her look like a fool. In another case, in what may be a first, the paper has criticized John McCain for running an ad based on information in the Post. The paper now claims that its own information was misleading. [more...]

Best Person/Worst Person
By Harvey Kushner

On August 19, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named Harvey Kushner the "Worst Person in the World." The latter distinction was not given last night to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who visited the United Nations today. Not surprising, however. What's shocking is that B. Hussein's propaganda minister Olbermann failed to honor the Iranian Hitler with his "Best Person" award. [more...]

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Security Matters Briefings - Week of 9/22/08

Jihad and the Growing Surrender of American Counterterrorism
By Jeffrey Imm

In the "stealth Jihad" war of ideas over the past year, one American institution after another has signaled its willingness to surrender to the advocates of Islamic supremacism – our homeland security, our military, and our law enforcement. Islamic supremacist groups have "guided" such American government organizations to create a "terror lexicon" that excludes "Jihad," to promote "progress" over "liberty," to blackball those who would confront the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacists, to "train" our law enforcement, and to openly promote engagement with Islamic supremacist organizations as part of counterterrorism tactics. [more...]

An Important Message from
By Harvey Kushner

Our partners at FamilySecurityMatters.Org have published the 2008 National Security Presidential Voter Guide. We at HarveyKushner.Com realize that many voters are concerned about the economy. The turbulence that is Wall Street impacts us all. As the folks at FSM state: "Like it or not, the next American President will be a wartime President, having to confront the most lethal threats, ever, to America." We agree and urge you to go to the Voter Guide and study it carefully. Please print copies for yourself and your friends. [more...]

House Democrats Embrace Drilling! Kind Of. Sort Of. Not Really...
By Gregory D. Lee

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi led the charge and rallied her troops to stop any notion the Republicans have of expanding oil drilling in an effort to make the country less dependent on foreign crude. She and her cohorts abandoned Washington, turned off the lights and shut the microphones off at the Capitol building, leaving Republican lawmakers literally standing in the dark talking to each other about the importance of expanding domestic oil drilling. What a difference a few weeks makes. [more...]

Current Credit Crunch Harbinger of Worse Things to Come?
By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, ret.)

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in receivership. Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers going belly-up while AIG gets a government bailout to avoid even more chaos. And you thought Gordon "Greed-is-good" Gecko was only a fictional movie character? Personally, I'm glad to be living light years away from Wall Street as a transplanted Texan, where we long ago produced two people who had exactly the right idea about banks: Bonnie and Clyde. [more...]

McCain's Consistent Prescience Financial Sector Crisis Calls for Proven Leadership
By Nicholas Guariglia

In 1982-'83, as a rookie in Congress, John McCain publicly opposed President Reagan sending U.S. forces to Beirut. Shortly thereafter, Hezbollah destroyed their barracks, killing more than 240 Marines. Reagan withdrew from Lebanon and McCain, to his dismay, was proven right.In the early 1990s, McCain stood alone against isolationist Republicans and implored President Clinton to intervene to stop ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Kosovo. Years later, with McCain's lonely support, Clinton finally took the advice and brought stability to the Balkans. [more...]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Security Matters Briefings - Week of 9/15/08

On the Wrong Side of History: Obama's Retread Foreign-Policy Team
By Joel Himelfarb

It is difficult to look at the people advising Barack Obama on foreign policy and not be worried. Obama, who has served less than four years in the Senate, has been getting advice from an informal group of close to 300 people, a large number of whom are former Clinton Administration and Carter Administration officials and advisors to former Democratic senators like Edward Kennedy and Tom Daschle. In the wake of Obama's victory over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democrat primaries, some of Mrs. Clinton's top foreign policy advisers like former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Warren Christopher have joined Obama's team. [more...]

The Media Mandarins Just Don't Get Sarah Palin
By KT McFarland

Party Conventions are rarely occasions for spontaneity, but the GOP’s choice of Gov. Palin electrified not only the Republican Party, but many undecided voters. But the Palin phenomenon has the Media Mandarins scratching their heads. They can’t figure out why an awful lot of Americans who live in the fly-over states, as they call the states between the East and West Coasts, actually like Gov. Palin. The inside-the-beltway-gang certainly doesn't. They dismiss her as a lightweight and a hick. [more...]

McCain Sending Palin to UN?
By Cliff Kincaid

John McCain may send Sarah Palin to the United Nations next week in order to "boost" her foreign policy credentials, according to media reports. The McCain campaign seems to think that having Palin rubbing elbows with the global elite and international bureaucrats will make her look good. But that's like visiting Lehman Brothers to accentuate her economic expertise. She should tell the McCain campaign, "Thanks, but no thanks." [more...]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brigitte Gabriel: Which Candidate Will Stop Jihad in America?

Brigitte Gabriel's explosive new book They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It has become a New York Times bestseller just two weeks after its release. The book discusses the Islamic cultural war against the West, The Muslim Brotherhood project, which details a 100-year plan to infiltrate and dominate the West and "establish an Islamic government on earth." The projects details tactics and strategies for the appointing and infiltration of Muslims into all levels of public institutions in the West, including schools, government, corporations and more.

The project was written in 1982 and has already been carried for the last 30 years in Europe, which has morphed into Eurabia. We are seeing the same signs in America happening at a much faster pace. 225 Islamic Madrassas are now registered and teaching almost 50,000 Muslim American students per year in the United States. Islam is being taught in public schools funded by our tax dollars! Islamic charter schools raise funds through school vouchers and supporting terrorism and Jihad in the Middle East.

The next President of the United States is not only going to be facing hard decisions about militant jihad but also social Jihad in America. Brigitte Gabriel compares the candidates to find out which one will defy political correctness, have the moral fortitude, the international insight and the aggressiveness to stand up against this social Jihad spreading inside America. Find out which candidate will lead us down the road of Eurabia and which one will inspire pride in American patriotism and Judeo Christian ethics, morals and values?

FSM's 2008 National Security Presidential Voter Guide

By Carol Taber, President of is releasing its 2008 National Security Presidential Voter Guide that will urge Americans to go to the polls armed with the FACTS about national security. We want voters to understand that we cannot have economic health and vibrancy if we do not have our nation secure. Nothing comes as close to the destruction of our economy that a successfully attacked nation would cause. If one or more of our cities is successfully attacked with a WMD, all the other issues will disappear as America struggles to deal with the shocking and horrific aftermath.

Though it's true that we have not suffered another major attack on American soil since 2001, we haven't made great strides on the terrorism front either and it's time that we educate the citizens of our country. Seven years after the attacks on our country, we still have an electorate that is totally ignorant of the threat doctrine they face and if that doctrine succeeds in doing what they say they will do, it could utterly destroy our economy and our country. The next president must have a robust national security background and a consistent, long-standing, morally-driven (not politically-driven) point of view so he will be able to make choices that will keep us all safe.

There are multiple threats to our nation's security, including nuclear and other mass destruction strategies. The 2008 National Security Presidential Voter Guide clarifies the history of these terrorist threats and the variety of ways they can hurt us. The Guide outlines how the candidates and their parties have acted to protect America from devastating attacks that could cripple our country and will give the reader answers to questions most candidates are hoping no one is willing to ask.

You'll learn what Islam really means and how it's infiltrating the West. We'll define Jihad and tell you how they plan to accomplish this goal. You'll learn the many ways radical Islam is reeducating the youth of America by funding materials for use in schools. We address the challenges of addressing these threats by teaching you to be aware of Western ways of thinking that help the enemy's cause, such as tolerance, multiculturalism, political correctness and Western guilt.

In the 2008 National Security Presidential Voter Guide, we reveal the National/Homeland Security Public Record - a specific analysis of the voting records and public statements of the candidates on national security issues - such as Defense Spending, how they address Islamic Terrorism, whether they supported the Patriot Act, and more. There is also a nice reference section with great links for you to continue to read on.

We cannot emphasize enough how important this Guide is to help Americans elect a President who will place national security at the top of his priority list. Without it, nothing else matters.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why the Media Feminists Hate Palin
By Cliff Kincaid

Columnist Marc H. Rudov calls them the "fascist feminists." These are the feminists in the media and elsewhere who detest Sarah Palin because of her role as a successful wife and mother and defender of the unborn. Palin's decision to have a Down syndrome child, when 90% of these children are being aborted in the womb, has proven in dramatic terms not only that there are articulate pro-life women in America but that there are women who will take a leadership role on "culture of life" issues of concern to millions. And this one could be vice-president of the United States. It could be the story of our lifetimes, something that could be historical in nature and a lesson for generations to come. With the Palin pick, a loving and caring pro-life mother has been offered to the American people and especially young women as a role model in the political arena. An article distributed by Catholic News Service noted in a headline that Sarah Palin is a politician who "lives her truth" and "walks the walk." Don't expect to see any stories like this in the secular "progressive" media. [more...]

Letter to Condoleezza Rice Demanding Answers from State Department Concerning Iran
By The Editors of

Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), co-chair of the 120-member, bipartisan House Anti-Terrorism/Jihad Caucus and a tireless promoter of educating the public about the dangers that Islamic Jihad poses to America, recently sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about the UN personnel from five countries, including Iran, that the State Department has designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism [Go Here to Read the Letter...]

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Do Americans Know About Islam? Documents for Anti Terrorism Caucus Americans' Ignorance of National Security Dangers and Devastating Cost

New York, New York –, the Web site of the Family Security Foundation, Inc., has published the findings of its national study and focus group, 'What Do Americans Know About Islam?'

For the first time ever, the study documents the shocking extent to which Americans are ignorant of the threat that endangers them and how devastating the cleanup cost would be if a WMD attack were to be successful in our homeland. The study was undertaken in part to help the Anti Terrorism Caucus demonstrate to Congress and the public how virtually no strides have been made in the seven years since 9/11 in understanding why thousands were murdered that day; nor have strides been made in understanding how to frame messaging to the public about the continued and growing threat.

Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC) said, "I thank Family Security Matters for doing this national study. This is the first survey I've seen that really shows what Americans know about things like Shariah Law and Sovereign Wealth Funds. My hope is that people will take notice and will begin to educate themselves on these vital issues." President, Carol Taber, said "America is endangered by a threat doctrine of which we know very little. Americans must take it upon themselves to learn what threatens our national sovereignty, security and American lives, and to be much more actively engaged in our nation's policy making."

The study revealed:

1. Americans are ignorant of the threat doctrine that endangers them.
2. Americans are ignorant of the total economic devastation (researched and documented in an unclassified study prepared for the Department of Homeland Security in 2005) that would befall us if a WMD attack were to succeed, thus elevating national security as more important to economic security than any other issue.
3. Contrary to popular opinion, a majority of Americans are “very worried” about the safety and security of our citizens and our country, and FSM’s tracking study revealed this concern has not abated over the years.
4. Contrary to what our political leaders seem to believe, when Americans are educated about the threat, they are not divided politically - they immediately understand it, are engaged and their instinct is to protect America.

The study concluded if Americans were better informed, they would be more united and it would help to eliminate political partisanship in Congress, allowing much-needed progress to be made in our collective duty to defend America.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Security Matters Briefings - Week of 9/1/08

Who Vetted Obama?
By Cliff Kincaid

The Washington Post reported that John McCain's vetting process for picking Governor Sarah Palin included an FBI background check. Other reports dispute this. But when did the FBI investigate Obama? Who vetted him? We are living witnesses to an incredible media double standard, whereby a Republican vice-presidential candidate's personal life is being torn apart, while the Democrat presidential candidate continues to get a free ride. Obama has a 30-year history of associating with unsavory characters, beginning with communist Frank Marshall Davis and continuing with Jeremiah Wright and communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, which should disqualify him from getting a security clearance in the government that he wants to run. But the media would rather talk about Republicans and sex. [more...]

Joe Biden: Obama's 'Evil Twin'
By Gregory D. Lee

Despite Sen. Joe Biden's denial on Meet the Press and other media outlets that he was not interested, it seems as though his insider supporters lobbied heavily for him to be Sen. Barack Obama's pick for vice president. I hardly think these supporters did this without the knowledge and consent of Sen. Biden. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sen. Biden's "team" sold Sen. Obama on Joe's "humble roots" by pitching his poverty compared to other senators, and his strong foreign policy experience. His team would like you to believe that commuting by train to and from Delaware to the nation's capital means he's not a Washington insider despite being a U.S. senator since he was 30 years old. [more...]

How Would You Like It, Sen. Biden?
By Harvey Kushner

Campaigning yesterday in Toledo, Ohio, Joe Biden began what is sure to become standard Biden attack language. In calling attention to what he sees as a big difference between himself and Sarah Palin, the loose-lipped Biden snapped, "She's good-looking." Yup, you're right, Sen. Biden; Rush Limbaugh summed it up best for all us conservatives when he said that "we're the ones that have the babe on the ticket." Rush was not just commenting on Palin's looks but also her social conservative views that frame her as an individual. Your remark, Sen. Biden, was clearly meant to diminish Gov. Palin's credibility and dismiss her as just another attractive brainless female. How would you like it, Sen. Biden, had John McCain stated that the difference between himself and Obama "was black and white?" [more...]

Newspaper Whitewashes Story of Man Linked to Palestinian Islamic Jihad
By Steve Emerson

It's no secret newspapers are struggling financially. Virtually every week brings new reports about vast layoffs and cutbacks. There are fewer pages with fewer stories. So it's more than a little confusing to see a major metropolitan daily send a reporter halfway around the world to tell half a story. The St. Petersburg Times on Monday offered readers just that in a heart-tugging update on Mazen Al-Najjar and his new life in Egypt. Al-Najjar, whose sister is Sami Al-Arian's wife, was deported by the U.S. in 2002 after a five-year fight in which he was held without bond for more than four years based in part on secret evidence linking him to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. [more...]