Sunday, November 30, 2008

SandyPR Terrorism Experts on Mumbai

Click on the links below for expert commentary on the Mumbai, India terrorist attacks:

11-28-08 McFarland on FNC - KT on Iran nukes and the Mumbai terrorist attacks.
11-28-08 McFarland on MSNBC - KT covers the India terrorist attacks.
11-28-08 McFarland on MSNBC - How Obama will handle the Mumbai attacks.
11-28-08 Gabriel on FNC - Brigitte on Hannity & Colmes discussing the Mumbai attacks and terrorism.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brigitte Gabriel: Al-Qaida Dividing the Black Community Against Obama

Al-Qaida is at its weakest point since 2001 and is scrambling to get some traction back and appeal not only to the Muslim street across the world but also to divide the Black community in America against Obama.

Brigitte Gabriel, terrorism analyst and New York Times Bestselling Author of 'They Must Be Stopped, why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it,' says Al-Qaida has been recruiting in the American prison system and inside the inner cities from the Black community rallying them against White America and telling them that White America and Christianity oppressed them.

Americans elected a Black man for president - the highest position anyone can attain. Obama is a Black man who had converted to Christianity and has a huge following not only in the Black community but also in the Hispanic community as well, which is another recruiting ground for Al-Qaida. This poses a great threat to Al-Qaida's recruiting efforts in those communities.

Al-Qaida is also active in Africa recruiting and spreading its tentacles into different Black countries. Brigitte Gabriel says with the election of Obama as president, we have seen many Blacks in Africa celebrating his victory. It is going to make it harder for Al-Qaida to recruit to fight supremacist America.

Ms. Gabriel adds, "This is why we are seeing the derogatory remarks against him. I believe this is going to backfire on Al-Qaida. It is important to mention here that the only word in the Arabic language to describe Blacks is slave; and they are not considered equal to human beings.

Family Security Matters Briefings - 11/20/08

As Somali Pirates Raise Stakes, Effective Measures Needed
By J.Peter Pham, PhD

In the two months since I last focused this column on the challenge posed by attacks on shipping off the Somali coast, pleading that "the time has come for responsible powers in the international community to develop an integrated strategy to cope with the worsening piracy, one that begins with declaring open season on the seaborne marauders whom admiralty law has long branded hostes humani generis, enemies of mankind," the situation has gone from bad to worse. [more...]

Our Duty: Representing a Center-Right Nation
By Colonel David F. Bedey (U.S. Army, ret.)

There is no denying that President-elect Barack Obama is a gifted politician: charismatic, disciplined, and ambitious. He ran a nearly flawless juggernaut of a campaign that broke fund-raising records while hoisting John McCain with his own campaign finance-reform petard. And his skillful exploitation of the Internet marks him as an avatar of the Information Age. Barack Obama has rewritten the rules of the political game. Republican tacticians will need to come to grips with that fact. [more...]

Barack and Dennis the Menace - Ross Remarks on Middle East Could Signal Trouble Ahead for Obama
By Joel Himelfarb

During his masterfully executed presidential campaign, Barack Obama didn't stumble on too many issues. One exception was Middle East terrorism - specifically his position toward Iran and its allies Hamas and Hezbollah. After delivering a powerful speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in June, in which he denounced Tehran and its terrorist allies, Obama went out of his way to distance himself from anyone who suggested that putting pressure on Israel would help achieve Mideast piece. His skill in doing this helped Obama to win close to three-quarters of the American Jewish vote. [more...]

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shariah Islamic Investments By Joy Brighton

John Paulson, the hedge fund manager who made billions of dollars in 2007 by taking advantage of the collapse of sub-prime mortgages, will be answering questions posed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, along with James Simons and George Soros. There is much anger on Main Street USA and Capitol Hill about the tremendous amounts of money being made by hedge funds and other investment firms and whether it comes at the expense of Main Street USA. While Congress is trying to understand what happened in 2007 and assigning blame, I am sounding the alarm for the newest "opportunity" these hedge funds have jumped into and at whose expense.

Specifically, John Paulson has now pointed his hedge fund, Paulson and Co., in the direction of Shariah Islamic Investments. As a savvy investor, it appears that John Paulson and other hedge fund managers like him have targeted Shariah Islamic finance as the "next hot market." In a video produced by, I name the Paulson & Company hedge fund that has received "seed money" from a government backed agency of Dubai to create a Shariah-compliant hedge fund with four other American hedge funds. I explain that firms like Paulson and Co., blinded by the promise of huge fees from the Middle East, are not disclosing (or maybe haven't even figured out) the link between Shariah law and the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Iran, and are welcoming this political radicalism into our financial system. New evidence indicates that Al-Qaeda received funding for the Sept 11th attacks because Shariah investments are required to donate profits to Islamic charities many of which have proven to fund terror. "Is anybody listening?" I ask. Yes, the moderate Muslim leadership group, 'Muslims Against Shariah' is. They awarded me the 'Muslims Against Shariah Award' three days ago.

Go to or to watch Joy Brighton's video.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Security Matters Briefings - Week of 11/10/08

Where Does the Fight Against Islamism Go from Here?
By M. Zuhdi Jasser

As President-elect Barack Obama and his administration begin the transition process from the Bush administration, anti-Islamists cannot help but be concerned. Those of us dedicated to stimulating and facilitating long overdue reform within the Muslim consciousness against the growing threat of political Islam cannot help but feel more adrift now than ever before with little legitimate "hope for change" in our policy against Islamists then we have ever had. The long and arduous two-year campaign negligently spent little to no time laying out what the policy of the Obama administration would be toward Islamists, both foreign and domestic. While the Bush administration understood the basic need to promote liberty as an alternative to oppression in Muslim lands, they were unable to translate that into an effective policy with a critical engagement of Islamists. They did not seize the opportunities they had to counter political Islam by fostering grassroots movements for freedom against Islamists. If the Obama campaign is any sign of what is in store, we seem to be headed even further back into a retreat from any perceptible contest of ideas against the ideology of Islamism. [more...]

Finding Honor
By Colonel David F. Bedey (U.S. Army, ret.)

This month all around America and the rest of the world, U.S. Marines are gathering to commemorate the founding of their Corps in 1775. And I had the good fortune to be invited to celebrate the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball in the small town in western Montana that I call home. My hosts graciously overlooked the fact that I had been a career Army officer; it was enough that we share a bond of fellowship born of military service to our Nation. [more...]

Obama and Iran - Tough Choices Face the Next President
By Joel Himelfarb

One of the silliest analyses of Barack Obama's victory came from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. Foreign readers e-mailing his NYT blog on Election Night were delighted about Obama's win, leading Kristof into fantasy land. "In Switzerland, an American was bathed in compliments comparing the election to the fall of the Berlin Wall. An American in Kenya named Tom wore an Obama T-Shirt and found that his walk to work took more than an hour because so many people stopped to congratulate him and celebrate with him," Kristof wrote. "The outpouring suggests that the United States will enjoy an Obama dividend of global good will in the coming months, a chance to hammer out progress on common threats. 'Barack' means blessing in Swahili, and this election feels like America's great chance to rejoin the world after eight years of self-exile." [more...]

Goliath-fighting Davids
By Maj. W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

President Abraham Lincoln said, "Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure." The president of course was referring to heroes and heroism in the purest sense of the words. When Lincoln uttered the phrase in the 19th century, an action deemed "heroic" was not nearly as interpretively subjective as it might be today. It didn't need to be. It was clear to all what heroes and heroics were, because "heroism" was defined then as "distinguished bravery or gallantry; noble disregard of danger; and intrepidity." Today, unfortunately, "hero" has been diluted to include "a person noted for special achievement in a particular field," and the word itself has become often synonymous with "star" and "celebrity." [more...]

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shariah Islamic Finance 101 By Joy Brighton

As a Columbia MBA, Wall Street trader, and college professor of investments, I'm here to break the silence and tell you about more greed and negligence on Wall Street and in Washington. While YOU and our government focus on the sub-prime market collapse, there is another financial crisis brewing. The same disastrous formula - Wall Street and their lawyers jumping on board without truly kicking the tires, too much focus on profit and not enough on risk, creation of newfangled derivatives and Washington paying little attention to protecting Americans. It's called Shariah Islamic Finance - the newest and fastest growing financial market in the world... and, oh yes, Wall Street is on board. Big time!

Harvard Law School is presenting Opportunities in Islamic Banking to the U.S. Treasury and will likely explain to the U.S. TSY that Shariah-Compliant Islamic Banking is the answer to our economic crisis. We all know what finance is. But what is Shariah Finance? Two Words. Though Wall Street is focused on the money side of Shariah Finance, Shariahis the reason this market exists.

Shariah Islamic Law is not "law" as we think of it to protect citizens, but "rules" to dominate and control Muslims. Muslim rules like: Muslim women are the property of men, polygamy, forced child marriages, death to homosexuals, and the obligation to wage "holy war." If you criticize Shariah Law, you are not a "true" Muslim and must be killed. Shariah Law is the written doctrine of radical Islam. Who practices this Islamic law? The government of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda regimes.

So how did Shariah Finance, the most effective tool of radical Islam, become accepted in the West? In the spirit of "multiculturalism" and "political correctness" gone way overboard, Wall Street has bought into a one-sided billion dollar Middle East advertising campaign, without asking questions. Fancy hotel conferences persuade businessmen that "Muslims have religious banking requirements, and if you create investments according to Shariah Law, 1.2 billion Muslims loaded with oil money in their pockets will beat a path to Wall Street."

The idea of Shariah Banking was created by radicals like Sheikh Qaradawi, a terrorist today who is banned from entering the United States and Great Britain, who today leads international Islamic finance agencies. How does he describe Shariah Finance? He says, "I like to call it Jihad with money, because God has ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and our money."

These financial institutions are offering Shariah bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, and insurance. They are not only lining the pockets of our enemies, but, worse, they are branding Shariah as legitimate, Western, friendly and safe to trusting Americans.

Here is a list of those banking institutions:

Dow Jones
Standard & Poor's
Goldman Sachs
Deutsche Bank
Lloyds of London
Morgan Stanley
JP Morgan Chase
Millennium Hedge Fund
Ospraie Capital Hedge Fund
Paulson & Company
Arcapita, Inc. (previously Crescent Capital)
BNP Paribas
Guidance Residential

New reports show that Al-Qaeda carried out Sept 11th with money received from "Shariah Bank" donations. And yet U.S. banks are still in this game.

Joy Brighton is a Columbia MBA holder, a former Wall Street trader and a Wall Street consultant. She is a Shariah Finance watch expert for ACT for - the largest national security citizen action network with 220 chapters across America.

Family Security Matters Briefings - 11/6/08

Less is the New More
By KT McFarland

The people have spoken and we have a new president-elect. For months we've watched the longest running political soap opera in American history. We've sat on the edge of our seats throughout the primary season, and watched candidates come and go. This has been an historic election by every measure - made even more so by Sen. Obama's victory. [more...]

Africa in an Obama Administration
By J.Peter Pham, PhD

Sen. Barack Obama's election as the 44th President of the United States is, of course, an historic milestone in America. But it is also a major moment in African history as well. The president-elect's unique personal history means that he is the first son of Africa in the Diaspora to be entrusted with the leadership of any major power, much less the chief magistry of what is still the world's political, military, economic, and cultural superpower. As I traveled in Africa over the course of the past year, the excitement of many Africans at the mere prospect of an Obama presidency was palpable. [more...]

Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?
By Gregory D. Lee

Like the decades-old television game show, To Tell the Truth, it's time for Barack Obama to stand up and tell us exactly who he is and what he intends to do as president now the election is over. Is he a centrist who can reach across the aisle to Republicans, a pseudo-conservative tax cutter or a socialist who wants to redistribute wealth? [more...]