Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama's Iran Nuke Deal Lies

As is so often the case, President Obama is misleading the American people. The fact is there will be no 24/7 "anywhere, anytime" inspections allowed of undeclared suspicious sites. The fine print of the final JCPOA agreement provides Iran with the means to delay any inspections of undeclared suspected sites requested by the IAEA. Iran is empowered to raise objections to inspections of suspected sites, which would then have to be assessed by a commission that includes Iran itself as a member. Iran will thus have opportunities to exploit the mechanisms for international verification inspections, allowing it to rotate its covert nuclear arms activities from secret site to secret site during a protracted dispute resolution process... [more...]

Ten Reasons the Iran Deal is bad for America

Six global powers and Iran have made an agreement dealing with Iran's nuclear future and sanctions.  Without question, the deal places America, Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world at grave risk.  There is no need for America to go out on a limb and take this enormous risk.  This is simply a bad deal for America, quite possibly the most dangerous agreement America has made in its 239 years of history.  Let's list just 10 reasons why the Iran deal is bad for America now... [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Will Iran Call Obama's Bluff?

Barack Obama has repeatedly compared himself to Ronald Reagan as a transformative president... but labels mean nothing. Obama could demonstrate that he learned something meaningful from the Reagan legacy by showing some backbone in his nuclear negotiations with Iran. He should order his Secretary of State John Kerry to walk away this week if Iran does not immediately concede on such vital points as allowing unfettered international inspections "anywhere at any time," including inspections of any military sites where suspected nuclear-related activities may have taken place in the past. Moreover, Obama should instruct Kerry to walk away if Iran continues to reject phased sanctions relief tied strictly to verifiable proof of Iran's compliance with each stage of its obligations under the terms of a final deal. If Obama were to do so, taking full advantage of the leverage afforded by tight economic sanctions imposed on Iran, he would be following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, not Neville Chamberlain.  [more...]

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Mideast Maelstrom on Obama's Watch

Rarely in the history of American foreign policy has a U.S. president been so fundamentally wrong about a vital region in the world, with lethal consequences. President Barack Obama's legacy will be an unstable, roiling Middle East and North Africa. His policies are enabling a more aggressive Iranian regime to spread its Shiite brand of Islamic jihad throughout the region and gain a path to becoming a nuclear armed state. His withdrawal of all combat troops from Iraq in 2011, coupled with his abetting of the false hopes of the Arab Spring, have given rise to a strengthened Islamic State with ambitions for a transnational caliphate. [more...]

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shocking: Experts Reveal How Terrorists Could Turn These 32 U.S. Cities into 'Radioactive Holes'

World War III may have already begun in the Middle East, with the destabilization of governments and expansion of terrorism in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and Yemen. This is happening amid a struggle for regional dominance between two oil-rich Muslim powers, Shiite Iran and its rival across the Persian Gulf, Sunni Saudi Arabia. President Obama is promoting an agreement with Iran that, according to U.S. allies such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, would "pave the way" to Iran's theocratic regime acquiring nuclear weapons. Iran's ruling ayatollahs believe that they can bring about the global triumph of Islam by launching an apocalyptic war. It seems odd that President Obama wants to prohibit law-abiding Americans from owning a .22 caliber rifle, yet is eager to sign an agreement to help Iran's doomsday ayatollahs acquire atomic bombs. [more...]

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Is Obama Ready to Confront Iran Over Yemen?

The Obama administration, while showing willingness to cave in to just about every Iranian demand in the ongoing nuclear negotiations, appears to be flexing its muscles in the Yemen proxy fight between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is headed toward the waters off Yemen from the Persian Gulf, escorted by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy. Its presence will add to the fleet of other American warships already there, including cruisers and destroyers, conducting maritime security operations in or around the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb and the Southern Red Sea. If President Obama's track record of backing down in the face of Iranian demands in the nuclear talks is any indication, Iran does not have much to worry about. He will most likely back down as well from undertaking any consequential confrontation with Iran over Yemen. [more...]

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Iran Deal and What People Can Do Now to Stop It

This treaty/deal/agreement - whatever they are calling it - is bogus. The Iranian's signature on the agreement is worthless. Remember, we are dealing with a theocracy that bases everything it does on Islamic principles including principles of war and dealing with or deceiving your enemy.

One of the major tactics practiced by the prophet Mohammed in war is deception. There is even a law in Islam called "Taqiyah" which means you can utter any lie or sign any agreement to deceive your enemy while you are in a weak position. You can break that agreement as soon as you think you can defeat your enemy. 

Prophet Mohammed signed a 10-year treaty with the Meccans called the "Treaty of Hudaybiah," which I discuss in my book. They were in a battle and he couldn't defeat them, so he signed the treaty with them promising that he will cease any confrontation or attack with them. Mohammad used the treaty to build his army and train and strengthen it. He broke the treaty two years later and attacked Mecca and took over the city in 24 hours because the Meccans were not expecting it. Thus, it became the principle battle of war strategy in Islam.
An example of this principle being used in recent years was the Oslo accord signed between Israel and Yasser Arafat in 1993. When the Arab media would ask Yasser Arafat, "How could you sign a peace treaty with the devil?" he would tell them: "Remember Hudaibiyah." The Arab street understood exactly what he was talking about while the West, including Israel, was oblivious. Arafat used the peace accord to build his police and train them (armed and trained by the Israelis, no less). In less than 8 years, Arafat turned against Israel and used his own forces trained by Israel to attack Israel and start the second Intifada. As a result, today Gaza is a mini terror state ruled by Hamas. Israel has a wall surrounding it to protect it from suicide bombers. Rockets fall like rain on Judea and Samaria. The Palestinian Authority is basically nothing, except this time with Iran, we are doomed when Iran finishes the nuclear bomb. The West is too blind to see the writing on the wall or even learn from history.