Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Security Matters Briefings - 12/10/08

Is Obama Following the Leninist Line?
By Cliff Kincaid

Is former Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones claiming that Barack Obama's "centrist" appointments are a "smokescreen" and that he is pursuing a strategy of governing that would "make Lenin proud?" That shocking information is being reported by many different conservative blogs and Internet sites as proof that the President-elect is pursuing a political strategy designed to confuse people about his revolutionary agenda. Obama may be a Marxist attempting to fool people, but the "Jeff Jones" post on the Rag Blog website doesn't necessarily prove it. It turns out that the "Jeff Jones" claiming Obama to be a disciple of Lenin is NOT the Jeff Jones from the communist Weather Underground. However, to further complicate matters, the Mark Rudd who is defending Obama on the same blog IS the former Weather Underground terrorist Mark Rudd. [more...]

A WMD Attack Within Five Years?
By Maj. W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

It is "more likely than not" that terrorists will launch an attack with a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) somewhere in the world within five years, according to a report just released by the independent Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. Preventing or thwarting such an attack will require "the world community acts decisively and with great urgency," the report says. Problem is, the world community - struggling with a front-burner international economic crisis, political correctness run amok, an ill-informed American electorate, creeping global Sharia, and the Western media's constant soft-soaping of Islamist extremism - has shown it has no stomach for any conflict requiring any measurable level of "decisiveness." And there does not seem to be any real sense of "great urgency." [more...]

A No-Brainer on Pakistan Raids
By Nicholas Guariglia

I do not know anyone smart enough to solve Pakistan's complicated domestic-political neurosis with one fell swoop. There is, however, common ground where serious minds can meet. Clearly, the outcome in Afghanistan is directly linked to Pakistan. Nobody really disputes that. But the consensus seems to end there. There have been recent suggestions that "one surge does not fit all," implying merely because the Iraq surge succeeded, does not mean a similar strategy should be employed in Afghanistan. While this is all well and good, I fear these suggestions miss the forest for the trees. What the United States must do - if it wishes to pacify the Afghan-Pakistani borderlands - is not simply a repeat of the Iraq surge, but an implementation of the timeless military, political, and psychological principles behind it. [more...]

Human Rights, Islamic Supremacism, and Our Responsibilities
By Jeffrey Imm

After World War II and the defeat of the Axis powers, the human rights abuses and atrocities by the Aryan supremacists and other fascists led members of the United Nations to adopt a Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on December 10, 1948. While the inalienable human rights of equality and liberty were declared by the United States of America on July 4, 1776, this additional Universal Declaration of Human Rights was intended to gain acceptance of fundamental human rights by other nations in the world. [more...]

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brigitte Gabriel: AIG Promoting Islamic Sharia Finance in America

AIG, the company which we just bailed out to the tune of millions, is again doing its best to alienate the American taxpayers - this time not by spending hundreds of thousands of our dollars on private spas and luxury retreats to its executives but by promoting radical Islamists' political ideology through Sharia Compliant Finance. It's all because of greed, blinded by profits without doing its fact checking as to what this Sharia Islamic finance is all about.

The same disastrous formula: Wall Street and their lawyers focusing on profits and not enough on risk, and Washington paying little attention to what's going on despite the fact that we are throwing away billions of dollars on such irresponsible American corporations.

AIG is introducing a Takaful Homeowners Policy - the first installment in a series of Sharia-compliant product offerings in the U.S. The newly announced Takaful products are compliant with key Islamic finance tenets. Sharia is a legal code of the political ideology of radical Islam practiced by the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Today this Sharia code is being introduce to Americans by an American company in which we as American taxpayers own $40 billion dollars worth of it stock.

Brigitte Gabriel, author of the New York Times bestseller They Must Be Stopped: why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it, says, "The American public must stand up now and stop AIG and other American corporations jumping on Sharia Compliant Finance blinded by greed before it is too late."

As a legal code of a supremacist ideology, Sharia is incompatible with democratic values and the inalienable human right that "all men are created equal." In 2001, nearly two months before the 9/11 attacks, the European Court of Human Rights determined this (that Sharia law was incompatible with democracy and human rights).

So why is AIG promoting Islamic Sharia finance? AIG must answer to the American public about their executives' irresponsible decision. ACT! for has launched a nationwide campaign calling AIG's top two executives and asking them this question. Brigitte Gabriel, President and CEO of ACT! for, says, "AIG must be stopped from its rollercoaster of irresponsible decisions paid for by American taxpayers."

Friday, December 5, 2008

AIG Defies U.S. Taxpayers by Promoting Sharia in America By Jeffrey Imm

For the third month in a row, AIG is in the news regarding its promotion of Sharia-compliant finance (SCF) products, which promote the Islamic supremacist, segregationist ideology of Sharia. For a company struggling with its financial survival, it remains astounding that AIG would want to incite its American taxpayer owners by promoting products that are based on an Islamic supremacist political ideology. In October 2008, I wrote how the U.S. government gave an $85 billion loan to AIG, without demanding divestment of its business ventures reselling Sharia mutual trusts and its AIG Takaful division selling Sharia-based insurance. In November 2008, I wrote about how the U.S. government purchased $40 billion in AIG stock, making you as a taxpayer, an owner of a company promoting Sharia through such businesses. [more...]

Bailed-out AIG offers Islamic insurance to U.S.Company sells Shariah-compliant policies after massive taxpayer-funded cash grab

By Chelsea Schilling, WorldNetDaily

"After American International Group Inc, or AIG, reached two major bailout agreements totaling $152.5 billion in taxpayer dollars, the company is stepping up its dealings with Islamic finance by offering Shariah-compliant homeowners insurance to the U.S. – outraging critics over AIG's support of a '"discriminatory ideology, that is against equality, and that is against liberty.'"

"Specifically, while American taxpayers are loaning money to AIG and hold 80 percent equity interest in the company, AIG owns a Shariah-compliant insurance company, offering accident, health, motor, personal contents, property and casualty insurance coverage. "

"Now Risk Specialists Companies, Inc., or RSC, a subsidiary of AIG Commercial Insurance, is introducing its Shariah-compliant Takaful Homeowners Policy to the U.S., according to a Dec. 1 AIG announcement. The new insurance is said to be the 'first installment' in a 'series of Shari'ah-compliant (Takaful) product offerings in the U.S.'"

"The Shariah-compliant policy is underwritten through RSC member company A.I. Risk Specialists Insurance, Inc., in conjunction with Lexington Insurance Co. and in association with AIG Takaful Enaya."

"'Takaful' is based on Quranic principles of 'Ta'awon' -- or mutual assistance. The term originates from the Arabic word 'Kafalah,' meaning "joint guarantee." Similar to mutual insurance, where policyholders own a stake in the organization, members of a Takaful group pool their resources to help the neediest member, and losses are divided among them."

"Cooperation is key in the system, and proponents often point to Surah Al-Maidah, verse 2 of the Quran, to explain the concept. It states: 'Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancor.'"

"According to Ernst & Young's 2008 World Takaful Report, the Shariah-compliant insurance had an estimated $5.7 billion global market in 2006 with more than 130 providers. The market is estimated to exceed $10 billion by 2010."

"'The introduction of Takaful products in the U.S. represents an important and emerging growth opportunity for AIG Commercial Insurance,' President Matthew F. Power of Risk Specialists Companies, Inc. said.'We are pleased to offer socially responsible solutions to this segment of the domestic market.'"

"Unlike mutual insurance, Takaful includes Shariah-compliant stipulations. It prohibits investment in companies that violate Islamic law by selling or promoting products such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gambling and even pork. Critics claim Shariah-compliant businesses are even opening doors to U.S. funding of Islamic extremism."

"Jeffrey Imm of Family Security Matters and the Anti-Jihad League of America has written extensively on the subject, warning that AIG would expand its Shariah products in the U.S. He has even created a petition demanding the Federal Reserve, Securities Exchange Commission and Department of the Treasury require AIG to divest itself of its Shariah businesses. [more...]

See petition at:

See also articles at: has now also addressed the issue of AIG and its Islamic supremacist Sharia-based products, including the announcement this week to promote such Sharia-based products in the United States.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Best National Security Books of 2008 By Jason Rantz

This year has seen its share of history-making political events and figures, but it's also seen several fantastic books that analyzed some of the world's most important national security issues, events, and strategies. There were several books published this year that shed light on people and places that I dare say some people never even heard of. These important - and fascinating - books should be on your gift list to yourself. [more...]

Jason Rantz is a talk show host in Southern California and a boisterous critic of higher education and political correctness. He frequently skewers PC-society on his irreverent talk show The Jason Rantz Show. Rantz has been called "skillfully witty" by the DPad Magazine and callers flock to his show to participate in no-holds-barred "hot talk." Rantz holds a Bachelor's degree in Politics from Occidental College, Los Angeles and has a radio career (on the microphone and behind the scenes) spanning nearly ten years.

Monday, December 1, 2008

KT McFarland on Obama's Security Team

KT McFarland appeared on Fox News Channel and MSNBC several times last week to discuss the Iranian nuclear program and the Mumbai attacks. You can view one of the interviews by going here. KT will be on Fox News Channel's Live Desk during the 1-2 pm hour (ET) on Monday, Dec. 1. She will also appear on the Fox News Channel streaming online news program, Strategy Room, several times this week starting Monday Dec. 1 from 11-1 pm. You can view it by going to and clicking on the link for the Strategy Room.