Thursday, August 22, 2013

8-22-13 National Security Updates

It's been a big week in national security/Middle East news. Last week, I was on The Blaze twice and recorded two segments for CBN and over a dozen radio shows.

Million Muslim March: I was the one that originally brought a lot of attention to MD Rabbi Alam, the organizer of the "Million Muslim March." He’s very extreme and I’d be happy to debate him on your program. He seems very willing to do media. My articles on him:

EGYPT: I’m getting lots of photos and videos from Egyptians who are furious at the media’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood coverage. The excessive force is deplorable, but there’s a complete other side to the story. I have constant updates on the situation but here’s one article I wrote with a lot of good information:

2016: I have an article coming out very soon about MD Governor Martin O’Malley, who said he is going to run in 2016. The article focuses on his very troubling stances regarding American Islamists, but also a little analysis of polls. Here’s an interesting observation:

"Other parts of the poll show there is an opportunity to challenge Clinton and, if she doesn’t run, Biden. Clinton is the least favorite candidate of 27% of Democrats and Biden is only three points behind her. About 20% favor a candidate that wasn’t listed and 20% are undecided. There is an opening for O’Malley and other candidates to make a good impression."

IRAN: Startling new video has Iran’s "moderate" president bragging about advancing the nuclear program through deception. There’s some additional smoking gun quotes in my article here:

Also, the “moderate” president has nominated a Justice Minister that Iranian opposition sources tell me was involved in a 1988 massacre of political prisoners. The Defense Minister is a founder of Hezbollah.

Israeli-Palestinian "peace" talks: Obviously, I believe they will fail. Here’s one disturbing story I wrote. Kerry & Rice met with Muslim groups including at least two with extremist pasts in preparation for the peace talks. Unlike the Jewish groups they met with, the White House won’t release the names of the Muslim groups they met with.

Other stories at the Clarion Project: Acid attack on British teenage girls for singing in Yemen; U.N. agency financing Palestinian jihad; Al-Qaeda-linked rebels have captured an air base in Syria; the Second Wave of the Arab Spring: Finally, Some Good News!

Ryan Mauro is the's National Security Analyst, a fellow with the Clarion Project and is frequently interviewed on Fox News.