Friday, January 28, 2011

National Security Updates

Muslims of the Americas' New Target: Gullible Christians
How the MOA is using a front group that performs outreach to Christians in order to obscure its radical, anti-Semitic activities

On Saturday, January 8, 2001, a nice-sounding organization called the United Muslim Christian Forum (UMC) held an event in Binghamton, New York for members of both faiths to "share, in unity, their love and admiration for Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him)." Gullible Christians and officials have supported the event, unaware or unconcerned that it is a front for the anti-Semitic extremist group Muslims of the Americas (MOA) and its leader in Pakistan, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. [more...]

Jihad Defeated in Sudan

The residents of South Sudan have voted almost unanimously in favor of secession. President Omar Bashir has said that he would react to the new country’s creation by modifying Sudan’s constitution so that Sharia is the only law of the land and Arabic the only language. The U.S. has a potential new ally in South Sudan, but the Bashir regime is now more radicalized and will try to undermine its neighbors with the help of Islamist allies. [more...]

Lebanon's Fate in Hezbollah's Hands

Hezbollah has collapsed Lebanon’s government and has issued an ultimatum to Prime Minister Saad Hariri: Withdraw support for the U.N. Special Tribunal or be replaced. The terrorist group is fearful of the repercussions it faces from its impending indictment for killing former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and is holding Lebanon hostage. [more...]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update on The Border and the Middle East

By Brigitte Gabriel


Suicide Book Found at Border

American leaders must address security at our Mexican border especially with the book today on suicide bombing found at the border. The terrorism book was published in Iran and includes names and last wills of suicide bombers and the dates of death of some of them. We have had Other Than Mexicans (OTMs) crossing our border since September 11th coming from countries harboring terrorism. I discussed this issue in detail in my first book "Because They Hate" in 2006. Our government knew about this way back when and they still have not done anything about it. Over a year ago, we found that an employee at the Mexican embassy in Beirut was selling visas to Hezbollah members in Mexico for $3,000 apiece. Terrorists know if they make it to Mexico, they can walk to America.

Revolution in the Arabic World

What we are witnessing in the Arabic streets throughout the Middle East is a revolution a la Khomeini in Iran (ca. 1979). Those demonstrators on the streets in Jordan and Egypt are radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood groups calling for the overthrow of what they consider Western secular puppet leaders like Housni Mubarak and King Abdullah who both signed a peace treaty with the devil Israel and are manipulated by America. What we are seeing on the streets of the Arabic world from Beirut, with Hezbollah taking control of the government, to Amman to Cairo is a holy revolution calling for not only a regime change but also a theo-political change ushering in a new Islamic era.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro


Revolution in the Arab World

The Arab world is in shock as the dictator of Tunisia has fallen in the blink of an eye. There was no sign of impending doom for President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who was in power for 23 years. Yet, an attempted suicide by one 26-year-old sparked riots that led to his downfall, showing every Arab dictator how fragile their rule really is. [more...]

Ahmadinejad Presses His Luck

Last month, Iranian President Ahmadinejad began phasing out subsidies of fuel and other essential commodities, despite popular outrage from inside and outside the government. Iranians of all social classes are now suffering and workers are going on strike, causing the country’s most intense turmoil since 2009. [more...]

Engaging Assad

President Obama is sending Ambassador Robert Ford to Syria in a recess appointment, avoiding a political fight in Congress over his confirmation. This effort to "engage" the Baathist regime is likely to make Bashar Assad laugh as the U.S. pursues a futile effort to draw Syria away from Iran. [more...]

Manufactured Jihad

The February 2006 riots following the publication of cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper killed over 100 people and showed the West the danger of offending Muslim sensibilities. New documents obtained by WikiLeaks now show that the Syrian government was actively stoking these flames as a way of frightening its enemies, winning its own credibility in the Muslim world and discouraging the West from promoting democracy in the Middle East. [more...]

Thursday, January 6, 2011

National Security Updates

Imam Rauf’s Extremist Speaking Engagement

Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind the Ground Zero mosque, is kicking off his nationwide speaking tour at the Islamic Society of North America’s Diversity Forum Banquet in Detroit on January 15. He will be speaking alongside extremists like Siraj Wahhaj and Zaid Shakir, contradicting the moderate image he’s trying to put forth on his tour. [more...]

Peter King Under Fire for Taking on Radical Islam in America

New York Rep. Peter King is under attack for his plan to hold hearings on the Muslim community’s lack of cooperation with the government to stop the rising threat of homegrown radicalization when he becomes chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. King’s investigation, though, is imperative, as even top Obama administration officials are warning of the frightening increase in acts of homegrown terrorism. [more...]

Blacklisting the Iranian Opposition

On November 3, the State Department branded the Iranian Baluchi militant group Jundullah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. At the same time, the State Department is in a legal fight to keep an opposition group called the Mujahideen-e-Khalq on the list. This follows an earlier decision by the Treasury Department to designate the Free Life Party of Kurdistan a terrorist group. The Obama administration apparently feels it is worth blacklisting Iranian opposition groups that have used violence in order to increase the chances of a successful “engagement” with the regime. [more...]

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