Thursday, March 25, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Unrest for Iran's "Festival of Fire"

The media declared that the Iranian opposition had lost steam when demonstrations rivaling those of last summer did not materialize on February 11. The survival of the regime was no longer in doubt. On and around March 16, the pre-Islamic “Festival of Fire” holiday was held, and the Iranian people again challenged the government and the media has missed the story. [more...]

Tom Campbell’s Problematic Ties to Radical Muslims

The California Senate candidate must answer charges about his associations with known terrorist sympathizers.

The fight for the Republican nomination for Senate in California is getting heated. A recent poll listed at RealClearPolitics has Tom Campbell with an 11-point lead over Carly Fiorina, but that’s all about to change as he is attacked for his associations with radical Muslims and anti-Israel activists. [more...]

President Obama’s Rhetoric on Iran Changes

The health care debate has overshadowed a pretty interesting change in President Obama’s message to Iran. Last week, President Obama released a videotaped message to Iran, just as he did last year. Notice the change in tone. [more...]

This is Not a War Between the Muslim World and the Non-Muslim World

A German paper reported on a study a few months ago about Al-Qaeda killing eight times as many Muslims as non-Muslims. This is more a conflict within the Muslim world that catches the West in the crossfire than a conflict between the Muslim World as a monolith against the non-Muslim world. [more...]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Nuclear Axis of Evil

By Ryan Mauro

The West treats the nuclear programs of Iran, North Korea and Syria as individual entities, but they are really a cooperative effort between these rogue governments. The three countries work closely together, allowing each partner to benefit from the progress made by another. This makes the threat more severe, but it also means that stopping one member of this nuclear Axis of Evil will significantly hinder the efforts of the others. [more...]

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Islam’s New Recruiting Methods

By Brigitte Gabriel

Al-Qaida and other Islamic groups are actively targeting blacks, Hispanics and single mothers in the U.S. as a part of building Al-Qaida’s American arm in its war against America. In the last week there have been three arrests of Americans recruited by Al-Qaida: one Black, one Hispanic and one White. This has been a major fear of the intelligence community since September 11th. The fear is now a reality.

The recruitment is happening in our prison system with a special focus on the Blacks and Hispanics. Imams are playing the race card in their first appeal to the felons about Islam. They are telling them that Christianity is the religion that enslaved them – that Islam is an African religion and the religion that will give them their power back and their rightful place in society.

They are targeting single women via the Internet and also via bars. They know that single women are strapped for cash. Muslim men who are doing the recruiting (tall dark and handsome in the eyes of these American women) are offering financial security and stability, a home and a man who will love her, provide for her and protect her. They tell the women all she has to do is be a mother and the lady of the household – as God intended her to be cooking, shopping and visiting with her girlfriends.

At a time of financial difficulty in America, a lot of resentful Americans who lack stability and structure in their life are attracted to the appeal of Islam and what it has to offer including financial security. They have convinced themselves that they are not only joining a religion that will save their soul and life but also provide them with security and respect in this life and ensure eternal contentment in the hereafter.

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Crazy Talk from 'Muslims of the Americas'

By Ryan Mauro

The Muslims of the Americas organization (MOA) and their anti-Semitic leader in Pakistan, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, are back at it with the crazy talk. Apparently, the movie Avatar is a tool of Satan, and Gilani has the keys to save the day with his study of "Jinniology" and miracle-making abilities. For those who are unfamiliar with this group, the Christian Action Network (where I am the national security advisor) released a documentary last year called Homegrown Jihad about them and their isolated communities in the U.S. that are sometimes dozens of acres large. The film contains footage of Sheikh Gilani teaching his recruits all sorts of paramilitary tactics and telling his viewers to go to these Muslims of the Americas sites to receive such training.

The media is brushing off the threat posed by this group. They will only believe that paramilitary training is being offered if their reporters see it with their own eyes or if the group openly admits it. The media should be asking more questions about the ideology of the group and the beliefs of the man its members have committed their lives to following. [more...]

Friday, March 12, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Israeli MP: Muslim States Approve of Attack on Iran

MK Ayoob Kara of the Likud Party says that Muslim states that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel have sent messages indicating their approval of a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. This is almost certainly a reference to Saudi Arabia. Consistent reports have surfaced that Egypt approves as well, but they have been at peace for decades. It is also likely that Bahrain, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan are supportive of a strike. He said that there is a "wall-to-wall coalition" of Muslim countries supporting an attack. [more...]

Opposition: Iran Planning to Kill Secular Iraqi Forces

Pajamas Media published my article about the March 7th national elections in Iraq and how Iran is positioning itself to be "king maker." A coalition will certainly have to be formed and so Iran is assisting its allies in the Iraqi National Alliance, which includes the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, formerly called the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. As I outline, Iran is hoping that either al-Maliki or Allawi's secular, cross-sectarian bloc will align with them to capture control of the government. [more...]

Libyan Leader Declares Jihad on Switzerland

The dictator of Libya, Muammar Gadhafi, has declared jihad "with all means" against Switzerland for banning minarets on mosques, The Associated Press reports. He described jihad against Zionism and "foreign aggression" as not being terrorism and said any Muslim who deals with Switzerland is an infidel, or non-Muslim. [more...]

Ryan Mauro is Founder of, and the National Security Researcher for Christian Action Network. Also check our National Security Briefing Blog for the latest on Homeland Security.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where Is the 'Red Line' on Iran?

By Ryan Mauro

One thing is certain: decision time is fast approaching.

There is no more important question today than “what is the red line that Israel won’t allow Iran to cross?” Over the years, we’ve been given different answers. Originally, it was the capacity to quickly produce a nuclear weapon, allowing Iran to minimize the time between the decision to become nuclear-armed and the completion of that goal, paralyzing the West into inaction with its speed. We’ve heard that the actual construction of a bomb is the red line, but then there are those that say the capability to deliver that weapon with a warhead is the red line. [more...]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Arrested for Possible Plot Against Texas Base

By Ryan Mauro

Two individuals with Muslim names have been arrested after a bomb scare at the Forth Worth military base in Texas, WFAA-TV reported February 13. The incident began when police began chasing a truck that then lost control on ice and ran off the road. A toy gun, and three pipe bombs were found inside the truck. [more…]

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Aggressive New Strategy in Afghanistan

By Ryan Mauro

The aggressive new strategy in Afghanistan embraced by the Obama Administration, modeled on the successful "surge" in Iraq, is costly, with a third of all American casualties in the conflict occurring since the first reinforcements were sent in May 2009. The latest offensive in Marjah in Helmand Province is going slower than anticipated due to fierce resistance, and it is only a warm-up for a much larger battle in the coming months in Kandahar, the Taliban's stronghold. And Pakistan remains the key to victory. [more…]