Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Moderate Muslim Revolution

By Ryan Mauro

The extremists are losing the war within Islam.

The war on terror is largely a result of a civil war within Islam. The extremists use terrorism, oppress those who don't agree with them, and establish states based on strict Sharia law. The moderates, who may disagree with U.S. foreign policy but stand for freedom and democratic principles while opposing terrorism, may not have as powerful a voice, but they are decisively winning this conflict, making advances in almost every part of the Islamic world. The Middle East is where the turnaround is the greatest. When the Iranian regime rigged the elections in favor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on June 12, the population began a peaceful uprising and today protests against Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader, and chants calling for democracy and human rights are commonplace. The regime is today facing the greatest challenge to its very survival since its creation in 1979. This instability has already caused problems for terrorists relying upon Iranian support and when the regime one day inevitably falls, it will have positive consequences across the world. [more...]

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brigitte Gabriel on CIA Interrogation

The Justice Department's move to open an investigation into CIA interrogation techniques is the most dangerous move since we had a change in administration. It is sending a clear message to our allies who are fighting this war with us against Jihadists, and who have proven vital in gathering intelligence for us, that the U.S. is not to be trusted and that whatever intelligence you share with the U.S. is going to be exposed by either the American media or insider politicians.

This is damaging the delicate relationship we have with most of our allies such as the Europeans who are dealing with their own internal problems, with the rise of homegrown Jihadists, and have to balance their cooperation with America with the rise of Islamic population in their own countries.

This is also emboldening the Jihadists who feel they have more of an ally with the current U.S. administration in certain areas instead of an enemy. The damage that this will do to CIA personnel and the agency in general is immeasurable. We are destroying our trusted men and women whose job is to gather intelligence in order to protect America - those who lay their life on the line to do so. We are clipping the wings off of our intelligence agency yet still expecting it to be held accountable when terrorism disasters strike America.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Islamic Honor Killing in America

Brigitte Gabriel, the New York Times bestselling author of They Must Be Stopped and president of Act! for America says "Rifqa Barry, an American young lady from Ohio, was threatened with death by her own father for converting to Christianity. Because of her conversion out of the Islamic faith, she has soiled the family's honor. The only action that will cleanse the family's honor is her blood.

This is such a foreign concept to Western nations. But because of the rise of Islamic immigration to the West, we are seeing these types of cases on the rise. We have had three cases in America in the last year: one in Texas, one in Atlanta and one in New York. Canada had to deal with a few cases as well. As recently as a few weeks ago, four women were found killed in Toronto floating down a river - killed by their own family.

In Europe, police representatives from many European countries met at The Hague to discuss the problem. Britain re-opened 110 cases last year of murder all suspected to be honor killings. This Ohioan girl's life is on the line if she is to be turned back to her family. If American courts allow this to happen, her blood will be on our hands.