Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Iran's Secret Uranium Deal with Zimbabwe

On April 22, the Drudge Report linked to an article about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meeting with Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe. It failed to cause a fuss, but it tells us a lot about why General David Petraeus believes that Iran's nuclear program has been delayed and we have at least until the end of the year before it gets the bomb. Iran secretly agreed last month to provide Zimbabwe with oil in return for being given access to its uranium ore, the basic material that must be enriched in order to create the fuel for a nuclear bomb. [more...]

A Crisis in the Making

South Korea has concluded that a close-range external explosion, most likely from a torpedo, is responsible for the sinking of its ship on March 26, killing at least 40 of their sailors. North Korea has denied responsibility, but it is just another provocation by the Kim Jong-Il regime that is focused on starting a major crisis. [more...]

Prison Jihad

New extremists are being created in our prisons, the very institution meant to deter crime. Two stories recently broke about people who converted to Islam in prison that acted in violent compliance with their new ideology. The media, for the most part, dropped the stories, leaving the American people unaware of the growing trend. [more...]

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Premiere Screening of ISLAM RISING Goes to Washington, D.C.

The premiere screening of ISLAM RISING, a film that exposes the dangers of radical Islam to the Western world and features the internationally acclaimed Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, will take place on May 1st, 2010 in the Rayburn House Office Building loca...ted at 50 Independence Avenue Southwest, Washington, D.C. at 4:00pm ET. Go here for more information:

Islamic Indoctrination Activities in Public Schools

By Martin Mawyer

With the help of Liberty Counsel, the Christian Action Network has won its legal battle with the State of Maine over its controversial mailing program that exposed Islamic indoctrination activities in public schools. Last May, the State of Maine revoked CAN's charitable status after it mailed a letter that informed parents of certain Islamic education programs in public schools across the country. The mailing exposed such schooling programs as took place in Byron, CA that asked students to dress up as Muslims, chant "Praise be to Allah" and learn the Five Pillars of Islamic faith. The letter asked parents to sign a petition to the governor of their state to prohibit such Islamic teachings and activities in their public schools. [more...]

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Danny Glover: Hero to the Media, Villain to the Intelligent

The media is going to praise Danny Glover for getting arrested for standing up for workers abused by capitalism run amok. On April 16, he was arrested at a protest against the Sodexo food service company for their treatment of workers. He'll be hailed as a hero and other Hollywood stars will follow in his footsteps, if for no other reason than publicity, but Glover deserves no praise. He has a history of painting America as the problem and anti-American regimes as the saviors of the oppressed. [more...]

The Second Battle for Mogadishu

The U.S., European Union and their African allies are training and equipping the security forces of Somalia's Transitional Federal Government to try to take back the parts of Mogadishu now under the control of an Al-Qaeda affiliate. Large portions of the city, known to most Americans as the site of the 1993 ambush that prompted the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country, is controlled by the al-Shabaab terrorist group. Should Al-Qaeda and its allies succeed in seizing Somalia, they will be able to resurrect the network they lost in Afghanistan and activate their Somali networks in the West to deadly effect. [more...]

The Burqa Bomb

On April 17, a refugee camp at Kohat in Pakistan was struck by two suicide bombers that disguised themselves with burqas, the full-body veil worn by some Muslim women to make sure none of their skin is exposed. The attacks, which killed 41 people and injured 62, are sure to heighten the debate in Europe about whether wearing burqas and niqabs in public should be banned. [more...]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Is Kim Jong-Il Fearful of an Uprising?

A South Korean naval ship sank on March 26 after an explosion ripped the vessel into two. Suspicion of the source of the explosion immediately focused on North Korea, although South Korean and American officials emphasized that there was no proof that the incident was an attack and that it could have resulted from a collision with a mine planted decades ago. If North Korea is behind the explosion, the reason may lie in reports about the country’s population becoming more aware of the oppression they are being subjected to. [more...]

A Russian Coup in Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan just added another chapter in its history of revolutions. The government of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, which has hosted a critical U.S. air base since 2001, has been overthrown by pro-Russian forces opposed to that presence. Russia has a legacy of manipulating internal strife among its neighbors, and this latest event is no exception. [more...]

Tom Campbell: Tool of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Republican Senate candidate in California Tom Campbell is the frontrunner in the nomination fight and his ties to radical Muslims, specifically Sami al-Arian, have become an issue, but the story is bigger. Campbell has surrounded himself with people tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, who recruited him for their political agenda in a campaign that ultimately reached the Bush White House. [more...]

Vets are Mobilizing to Face Radical Islam

American Veterans are getting mobilized nationwide through Veteran Defenders of America (VDA) to face the threat of the rise of radical Islamic terrorists in the homeland. ACT! for America, the nation’s largest national security organization with 80,000 members and 380 chapters nationwide, is launching Veteran Defenders of America and organizing the Veterans. The combined forces will provide organizational and strategic synergy that will optimize the effectiveness of patriotic Americans protecting their community. Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT! for America, and Major General Paul Vallely (U.S. Army, ret.), head of Stand Up America have teamed up together to speak to the media about this venture. [more...]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Islam Rising' Exposes Radical Islam in America

On May 1, 2010 Christian Action Network (CAN) and PRB Films will release a new documentary entitled, Islam Rising, a film that exposes the dangers of radical Islam to the Western world and features the internationally acclaimed Dutch politician, Geert Wilders. The film follows on the heels of CAN’s explosive documentary released last year, Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around U.S.

Mr. Wilders, who is currently running for Prime Minister in the Netherlands, lives under a constant death threat for producing his own film, Fitna. His film shows how radical Islamists are simply following the dictates of the Quran in their attempt at world domination through violence, murder and infiltration. As a special feature of Islam Rising, Mr. Wilders’ own controversial film, Fitna, is included.

Geert Wilders is currently on trial in The Netherlands for his alleged "hate speech" against Islam and has almost single-handedly brought global attention to the Islamic infiltration and dominance of Europe.

Though CAN does not endorse all the views of Mr. Wilders made in the film, the Dutch parliamentarian warns that if the growing Islamic takeover of Europe is not stopped, the West could be faced with a "thousand years of darkness."

As part of its promotion for Islam Rising, CAN will be displaying billboards along major interstates of the east coast. Six billboards will be on display, starting in South Carolina, by the middle of April.

Islam Rising will debut in Washington, D.C. on May 1 in the Rayburn House Office Building. More than 500 people are expected to be in attendance.

The New English Review raves: "We hope that Islam Rising receives a wide public viewing especially by Members of Congress. It is a testimony that one man can make a difference."

Martin Mawyer, president of CAN, says, "Islam Rising is a daring film. It's a dangerous film. It's an attempt to show Americans how Europe is being be brought to its knees by radical Islamists and how they are making inroads into the United States."

The documentary feature includes dramatic film footage, shocking photos and a special warning by Geert Wilders, himself. Go here for more information.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

National Security Alert

By Ryan Mauro

The Moscow Bombings: A Prelude to Russia's Invasion of Georgia?

The Chechen Islamist Doku Umarov has claimed responsibility for the March 29 subway bombings in Moscow that killed at least 40 people. Putin and the Russian government have vowed to hunt down those responsible for the attacks. The target of the beating of the war drums isn't only Chechen Islamists, though. For months, Russian officials have been blaming Georgia for terrorist violence on their soil, setting the stage to remove the Saakashvili government and control Georgia. [more...]

The War on Radical Islam Can Be Won; the War on Terror Cannot

Can the "War on Terror" be won? That's the crux of the entire national security debate today. Terrorism is a vague tactic, and declaring war on it is as akin to the colonists declaring war on bows and arrows when they fought Native American tribes. [more...]

Memo to Daily Show Audience: The Afghans Don't Hate Us

Iranian-American writer Reza Aslan was on The Daily Show last night to promote his new book, Beyond Fundamentalism: Confronting Religious Extremism in the Age of Globalization. He and Jon Stewart began discussing the war in Afghanistan, with Stewart later on in the interview saying that he favored withdrawing from the country and expressed his frustration with the campaign for democracy in the region. [more...]

Two Positive Developments in the Struggle Inside the Islamic World

The backlash against terrorism and Sharia Law in the Muslim world is something I've closely followed over the years. As the election results in Iraq showed, the trend is in the good guys' favor. It'll be a great day when Muslim leaders like M. Zuhdi Jasser can be seen leading the masses around the world, and I think that day will come. You may disagree with my belief on that, but two recent developments should at least be looked upon with satisfaction. [more...]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Security Alert

By Ryan Mauro

Interfaith Ally or Islamist Front Group?

On March 14, a group called the Muslims of the Americas (MOA) held a parade in Binghamton, New York, under the banner of its “United Muslim-Christian Forum.” The event sought to bring together Muslims and Christians with mutual respect for Jesus Christ to celebrate the birthday of Mohammed. New Yorkers shouldn’t be fooled by the group’s public relations effort, as the Christian Action Network, where I serve as the national security advisor, has thoroughly documented its extremism. [more...]

Moscow Bombings Already Being Misunderstood

The terrorist attacks in Moscow are already being misunderstood. The media is already trying to frame the conflict in nationalist terms, failing to see how extremist ideological movements attach themselves to nationalist causes, viewing them as a subset of their overall worldwide struggle. In’s report about the bombings carried out by the “Black Widows,” a group of female Chechens whose husbands have been killed by the Russians, they have analyst Bob Ayers explain their motivations. Just like some sought to differentiate Al-Qaeda in Iraq from Al-Qaeda and the Taliban from Al-Qaeda, painting them as flawed liberation movements, the same is being done with the Chechen terrorists. [more...]

Three Muslims Charged in Shooting Homosexual in San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that three Muslim cousins have been arrested for shooting a dozen people in one night with a BB gun, believing they were homosexual. The three suspects, Mohammad Habibzada, Shafiq Hashemi, and Sayed Bassam, allegedly drove up next to one victim and videotaped shooting him in the face. He reported the attack to law enforcement, which then arrested the group. The victim refused medical treatment and did not suffer serious injury. [more...]

Virginia House of Delegates Chooses Extremist to Open Prayers

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has brought attention to the decision by the Virginia House of Delegates to have Imam Johari Abdul-Malik of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque to deliver its opening prayers. The mosque has a history of attendees joining terrorist causes. The IPT reports that in 2001, Imam Abdul-Malik spoke for The Islamic Association for Palestine, which was later shut down for being a front for Hamas. His remarks included suggestions on what sort of violence against Israel was justifiable. [more...]