Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dawn of Nuclear Iran is Nightmare for U.S.




Days before Halloween, the Institute for Science & International Security warned that Iran could produce enough enriched uranium to quickly make an atom bomb within the next 4 to 6 weeks – perhaps as soon as this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

“If Iran used terrorists as a 'delivery system' for such a weapon, it could destroy New York City or Houston or Washington, D.C., and this could crash the fragile U.S. and global economy,” says Craig R. Smith, a monetary expert frequently interviewed by Fox's Neil Cavuto and other prominent business journalists.

“Such an act of nuclear terrorism could potentially kill millions. It would put the world's major cities at risk and force drastic measures. It would also halt the flow of Persian Gulf oil, terrify investors, and plunge us into nationwide and worldwide Depression,” says Smith, whose recent book “The Great Debasement” laid out a chilling detailed scenario for the use of nuclear weapons in the Persian Gulf.

Smith and co-author Lowell Ponte, a former think tank futurist and expert in high-tech terrorism that used nuclear and other weapons, show how vulnerable America's anemic economy is today to collapse in “The Great Debasement” and in their new book “The GreatWithdrawal.”

“Iran could now produce enough weapon-grade enriched uranium within a month or so to produce a nuclear weapon, according to ISIS physicist David Albright, a former inspector for the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency,” says Ponte.

“If even one small terrorist A-bomb is sneaked across our open Mexican border and detonated in an American city, you can kiss good-bye to America as we've known it,” says Ponte. “We will withdraw into a garrison state with massive restrictions on personal freedom, travel and privacy. Hyperinflation would make the Dollar worthless as government prints tens of trillions of them to keep itself afloat in a collapsed economy. An authoritarian Dark Age and Depression could descend almost overnight.”

“After five years of doing almost nothing to deter Iran's nuclear program, President Barack Obama urgently needs to act now,” says Ponte. “If he does not, then Israel may feel forced to try militarily to preempt Iran's theocratic dictatorship from launching its own Islamist martyr plan for Armageddon before Iran's radioactive serpent eggs spread worldwide.”

“President Obama already brought down a government friendly to the U.S. in Egypt by supporting the radical Muslim Brotherhood,” says Ponte.

“In October Mr. Obama alienated our erstwhile ally Saudi Arabia by refusing to keep his word to oppose the Shiite-aligned dictatorship in Syria, a close ally of Iran. I can guarantee you that the Saudi royal family has accelerated its oil-enriched effort to acquire a large nuclear arsenal to deter Iran a few miles across the Persian Gulf,” says Ponte.

“What this means is that if and when the fragile Saudi regime falls, the atomic weapons we are forcing the Saudis to acquire could also fall into Islamist terrorist hands,” says Ponte.

“President Obama has shown the same skill in foreign policy that he has in creating the web site for Obamacare,” says Ponte. “He has been an unreliable ally who lacks the will to take decisive action, and this has put America, Israel and the world in mortal danger.”

“Because of this, get ready to see mushroom clouds and large radioactive holes where some American cities now stand, and start preparing for what could soon be a Great Depression, the collapse of the U.S. Dollar, and martial law for the rest of our lives,” says Ponte. “A nuclear Iran will mean the end of the America we've known.”

“Whatever happens, you can help protect your family and savings by taking some prudent steps now,” says Smith. “These steps could also make America more secure and less vulnerable to collapse, even in an age of nuclear terrorism. This can help protect you, your neighbors and America – but your time to secure yourself and your family could now be very short. It's a gift Wise Men will be giving their families now, even before Christmas.”


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disturbing Facts about a Senior Homeland Security Adviser

The Clarion Project, the Center for Security Policy and the Institute on Religion and Democracy have published a shocking interview with Mohamed Elibiary, a senior Department of Homeland Security adviser. The Daily Caller reported on it yesterday. Elibiary is a member of the Secretary's Homeland Security Advisory Committee and founder of Lone Star Intelligence LLC.  He served on the DHS Countering Violent Extremism Working Group and the DHS Faith-based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.  On September 12, he announced that he had been reappointed to the Committee and promoted to Senior Fellow. He was also a delegate for Republican presidential nominee John McCain in 2008. [Read the interview here...]

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obama's Renewed Iranian Romance

Three days after being snubbed at the United Nations by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, President Obama made a hurriedly arranged telephone call to Rouhani last Friday as the Iranian president was heading to the airport to return to Tehran.  This followed what Secretary of State John Kerry had described as his own “constructive” meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif the previous day.  Obama couldn’t wait to tell reporters after his call with Rouhani how optimistic he was at the prospect of new talks with Iran over its nuclear program.  Obama’s problem is that there is no real new leadership in Tehran, only a new figurehead. The real leader remains Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei. He isn’t called Iran’s “supreme leader” for nothing. He is the ultimate decision-maker on the future of Iran’s nuclear program and on any rapprochement with the United States. [more...]