Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Faisal Shahzad's Truth Exposes Obama's Treachery

By Joy Tiz

Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad is one of the few Jihadis who has been truthful about his motivations. His terrorist colleagues generally concoct outlandish fabrications to explain their behavior, endearing them to Obama and Holder's justice department which has deemed Islamic terrorism non-existent. [more...]

Monday, June 28, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

McChrystal Versus Obama? Rolling Stone Attacks the War Through Divide and Conquer

So you're a rabidly leftwing, anti-war publication with a wide audience and you want to take down a war. What do you do? You take down the general leading it. And you do it by causing a scandal. The Rolling Stone story full of quotes from General McChrystal and his inner circle isn't about the reckless running of mouths and disrespect towards the civilian administration - it's about these officials falling into a trap. [more...]

Saudis: Green Light for Israeli Attack on Iran

The Iranian regime does not just seek the destruction of Israel, but seeks to overthrow the pro-American Sunni Arab regimes, ushering in an era of Shiite dominance of the region. These Arab countries, despite their public denials, are wishing for the very scenario that the Obama Administration is trying to prevent: An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And there are growing signs that such a strike is being prepared for. [more...]

Toothless Sanctions on Iran, Part 47

One area the resolution has been successful in is compelling Russia to not deliver the advanced S-300 air defense system to Iran, which would severely complicate any aerial attack. There was originally much confusion about this - it was reported that Russians had agreed not to sell the S-300, but then the foreign minister said that the sanctions did not apply to the system. [more...]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Times Square Bomber's Day in Court

By Brigitte Gabriel

"One has to understand where I am coming from. I consider myself ... a Muslim Soldier." This is the statement of Faisal Shahzad as he pleaded guilty yesterday to attempting to blow up Times Square by exploding a car bomb.

How many other Faisal Shahzads dressed in suits - working in professional jobs, living in middle class neighborhoods, their kids playing with yours - are plotting at this very moment to commit terrorist acts against Americans? In the last twelve months alone, the U.S. has arrested over 55 homegrown Islamic terrorists who were plotting to kill Americans, all either born into Islam or converts.

Faisal Shazad said his plot was to retaliate against the U.S. and other forces for attacking Muslims in Afganistan and Pakistan. When the judge questioned him, saying: "But not the people who were walking in Times Square that night. Did you look around to see who they were?"

Shazad responded: "Well, the people select the government. We consider them all the same." He added, "I am part of the answer to the U.S. terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people. And, on behalf of that, I'm avenging the attack."

This brings up an important point about just who Jihadists consider to be innocent. We hear Muslim talking heads such as those at CAIR and other Islamic organizations in America condemning the killing of innocent people. What Americans do not understand is that in the Islamic mind, citizens who participate in the democratic election of a government are not considered to be innocents. They are as much a part of a military force that participated in the war with their votes as the soldiers serving in the Middle East.

Shahzad's statement should be a rude awakening for Americans.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Viva Palestina: Islamist Ally

When Israeli commandos recently raided a terrorist-laden “relief” ship, they came into deadly contact with so-called “peace” activists who were aiding the terrorist cause of Gaza’s Hamas rulers. Among them were representatives of Viva Palestina, an organization founded by the anti-American former member of Britain’s parliament, George Galloway. Viva Palestina portrays itself as a humanitarian group dedicated to helping the people of Gaza. In reality, the group has longstanding ties to terrorism - one its members was once a senior leader in Hamas - and prolongs the Gazans’ suffering by supporting Hamas; by aiding its jihad to destroy Israel; and by working closely with the Turkish Islamist group that sponsored the recent Gaza flotilla.

The Green Revolution Isn’t Over

The media is giving the pro-democracy Green Movement in Iran less and less attention as the regime prevents the assembling of massive headline-generating crowds. The Iranian people remain just as opposed to the regime as ever, boldly protesting and clashing with security forces on the first anniversary of Ahmadinejad’s so-called “re-election” on June 12. [more...]

The Call for a 'Greater Iran' Is Old News

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1788: “An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.” In trying to decipher the agenda of our adversaries, we need to assume that they believe what they are saying. Much like Hitler stated his goals in Mein Kampf, the Iranian regime is today stating its goals. And as with Hitler, they are being ignored as the words of an otherwise rational leader of a nation-state playing to a domestic audience. [more...]

Thursday, June 10, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Satellite Photos Support Testimony That Iraqi WMD Went to Syria

The history books on this issue shouldn't be written just yet.

Ha'aretz has revived the mystery surrounding the inability to find weapons of mass destruction stockpiles in Iraq, the most commonly cited justification for Operation Iraqi Freedom and one of the most embarrassing episodes for the United States. Satellite photos of a suspicious site in Syria are providing new support for the reporting of a Syrian journalist who briefly rocked the world with his reporting that Iraq’s WMD had been sent to three sites in Syria just before the invasion commenced. [more...]

FARC Cashes in on Mexican Drug War

Mexico’s drug war is still raging, with over 22,000 people having been killed since 2006. Now, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, often referred to as the FARC, are teaming up with the drug lords. The Marxist terrorist group’s ties to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and other organizations make the conflict to the south a major threat to the United States. [more...]

Another Intel Report Says OBL in Iran

The evidence is getting thicker and thicker, as you know if you read this Web site regularly. If you’re just coming across it now, I suggest searching through the archives for more information on Bin Laden’s safe haven in Iran. Now, the Israeli intelligence Web site Debkafile (which is very hit-or-miss) says that a Kuwaiti newspaper called Al-Siyassa is reporting that Osama Bin Laden has been in northwestern Iran, specifically Khorasan Province’s town of Savzevar, which is 220 kilometers west of Mashhad. Bin Laden has been reported by other sources to have been at or near Mashhad, and the place is a well-known Al-Qaeda transit point. Makes sense. [more...]

Ryan Speaks at Eagles Wings' Ministry's Jerusalem Prayer Banquet in NYC to raise money for the Israel Experience Program.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

National Security Updates

By Ryan Mauro

Promoting a Free North Korea

The crisis with North Korea is escalating and will continue to escalate for as long as the regime is in power. Kim Jong-Il made a calculated decision that he needed a dramatic confrontation in order to appear strong, set the stage for his youngest son to take over, and to create a pretext with which to stop Western influence from reaching the country’s increasingly knowledgeable population. Until the regime collapses under the weight of its failures, it will need to periodically up the ante with a series of increasingly frightening provocations. [more...]

Report: IRGC General in Damascus Killed May 16

The Israeli Web site Debkafile reports that Khalil Sultan, a top Revolutionary Guards general that oversaw the support for terrorists, was assassinated in Damascus on May 16. The Syrian regime claimed he was killed by robbers. But, Debka says, only documents and laptops were stolen, not cash or minerals. [more...]

Analysis of Israeli Sub Deployment to Gulf

Go here for my latest NRB post about Israel’s sending of three nuclear-armed subs to the Iranian coast. This is a calculated leak meant to deter the Iranians and is part of a tit-for-tat strategy in response to the shipment of Scuds to Hezbollah. It appears that the Scuds did not go to Lebanon but are instead operating by Hezbollah at a Syrian military base. This may have been the excuse the U.S. gave to reject Israel’s request for permission to bomb the missile convoy, arguing that they were technically still under Syrian control. [more...]