Friday, January 31, 2014

The Iranian Threat & Obama’s Deception

President Obama misled the American people in his January 28th State of the Union address regarding what Iran is required to do under the six-month interim nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 nations - the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China) plus Germany. Obama made the following patently false claim about the implementation of the interim agreement: "As we gather here tonight, Iran has begun to eliminate its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium." [more...]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Attempting to Rewrite History on Benghazi


Attempting to Rewrite History on Benghazi

By Brigitte Gabriel

Over the past few weeks, the assassination of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th
, 2012, has re-emerged in the news.

Unfortunately, Benghazi has not reappeared in the headlines due to new revelations about the attack on the US diplomatic facilities there or because there has been any progress in tracking down those who planned, led and carried out the attack.

No, Benghazi came back to the news because the New York Times published a shamefully sloppy report on the attack that simply defies belief. The Times essentially parroted the original Obama administration line that Benghazi was not an organized terrorist attack, but was a violent reaction to a video posted on YouTube, a theory that has already been discredited by independent media investigations over and over again.

As if on cue, following close on the heels of the New York Times report, the US State Department released a statement, basically stating that Al Qaeda was not responsible for the Benghazi attack. The publication The Hill noted this development in a recent article, HERE.

The Obama administration actually invented an entirely new term to sell this theory: “Core Al Qaeda.” Such terminology, of course, is complete nonsense. The Obama State Department has done a poor job of keeping up with the evolving Jihadist threat. The enemy is NOT simply Al Qaeda (core or otherwise), despite the efforts by the braintrust at Foggy Bottom to convince America that this is so. Unfortunately, there are many Jihadist terrorist organizations in addition to Al Qaeda that would do America harm: Lashkar e Taiba, the Taliban, Al Shabaab and Ansar al Sharia to name a few. But there is no organization named “Core Al Qaeda.”

Here is a message to Secretary of State John Kerry: 1999 called and said it wants its counterterrorism policy back.

Fortunately, not everyone in Washington is as clueless as the Obama State Department and not every news organization is as compromised as the New York Times.

In fact, I was heartened, recently, to see the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) define the enemy as a “very fundamentalist jihadist Islamic community” – in a warning that terrorism is on the rise. During a December 1st interview on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senator Feinstein noted,

I think there is a real displaced aggression in this very fundamentalist jihadist Islamic community. And that is, that the West is responsible for everything that goes wrong and that the only thing that's going to solve this, is Islamic sharia law and the concept of the caliphate. And I see more groups, more fundamentalists, more jihadists, more determined to kill to get where they want to get. So, it's not an isolated phenomenon. You see these groups spread a web of connections. And this includes North Africa, it includes the Middle East, it includes other areas as well.

Among the true champions on Capitol Hill trying to get to the bottom of the Benghazi attack is South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC-4th). Congressman Gowdy has repeatedly expressed support for his colleague Congressman Frank Wolf’s call for a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attack.

Not long ago, Congressman Gowdy made an impassioned plea demanding answers on Benghazi and admonishing the news media for not asking the tough questions of the Obama administration. It’s very much worth a review.

We at ACT For America echo Congressman Gowdy’s sentiments and fully support Congressman Wolf’s call for a select committee to investigate the attack via his legislation, H. Res. 36. It’s been over one year. Enough is enough.

But we need your help, as this job won’t get done unless the American people make it clear to their federal legislators that they will hold them fully accountable if the important Benghazi questions are not answered.


Please take a minute today to review a list of legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives who HAVE signed on to H. Res. 36 and who are interested in learning the truth about this violent Jihadist attack – one that resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador.

Click HERE to review the current list of House members who have cosponsored H. Res. 36.

If your House member is NOT on the list, please contact him/her TODAY via phone call or e-mail. Respectfully, express your support for H. Res. 36 and your opinion that this issue is a very high priority for you.

Let your House legislator know that you will be watching to see if he/she signs on to this important bill over the coming days, and that you will have this issue in mind when election day rolls around in November.



Thank you for taking action. Working together, we will get this job done.